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AlbyPharma - delivering quality, value and service

Dr. Azzam Hussein, Managing Director and CEO of AlbyPharma.

AlbyPharma based in Clonmel, Ireland and has offices in seven different locations around the world are driven by the idea of “innovate or evaporate”.

The Clonmel-headquarter intends to increase its headcount by 30% as it brings to market new generics drugs to deal with different types of various diseases and to meet with the high manufacturing demand.

The company business will focus on Contract Manufacturing, Contract development, Generics development and Special dosage form development.

The CMO business and demand for generic medicines is growing and driving the market rapidly in EU and in Ireland.

The key defining point for any CMO to succeed in the market is by delivering Quality products. On time delivery at the right price. In other words, delivery and delight.

AlbyPharma’s passion for research and innovation is what differentiates it from other players in the market.

Similarly, to any start-up, Alby had a challenging start-up in year one. However, in year two the company has expanded drastically, with initial investment up to 15m and in year three the total investments increased up to 30m. The company continue to grow, with a substantial leap and big trust from shareholders, investors and recognition for the team capabilities.

Recently the company has achieved IMP license which marks the company’s two years anniversary. The company has a strong R&D pipeline which contains thirty plus generics and super-generic products with a strong ambition for innovation.

The company plan to collaborate with world-leading universities on many life sciences projects.

The overall R&D budget is more than 15% of the total investment. Which shows the commitment of the management and the whole team at for ongoing research and development. Ongoing activities in the company, developing specialized medicines and products for wide therapeutic classes as a top priority for the company.

Alby has the largest Irish self-contained and fully integrated antibiotic plant to meet with big demand for Antibiotics medication around the world.

Similarly, the supply chain requirements can be disproportionately burdensome, with specialized requirements, as well as increased cost for the API. This can also be true of specialized medicines such as those where manufacturing and handling may require dedicated or specialized areas, due to the nature of the API, in-process or final drug product.

AlbyPharma is a leading CMO provider for drug development and commercialization.

AlbyPharma will start to see its own developed product graduate from the pipeline and giving hope to patients around the world. As the industry evolves, we are committed for our role in helping develop and commercialize a wide range of generics worldwide.

Having both the expertise and technologies in developing new pharmaceutical dosage forms to bring novel therapies to commercialization more safely and effectively, thereby benefiting patient populations around the globe by virtue of reduced time for pipeline development, lowered cost, and effective delivery.

The R&D key area is finding and bringing new and novel delivery forms to improve patient dosage compliance. These in turn continuously require very highly skilled and innovative team members which drove the company to believe in putting a budget in place to send employees for special dedicated and highly skilled courses.

The key trends that drive the majority of customers to choose Ireland is the fact that Ireland with HPRA on the helm has the best quality products, furthermore, the cost of transport from far east and delivery time make Irish companies much more sought after.

Sterilization is a hot topic for the pharma industry and AlbyPharma has invested to comply with the EU requirements.

Many customers in Ireland and around the world have seen the huge potential in working with AlbyPharma which lead to signing many contracts on the CMO side as well as the co-development and different tailored business models that will allow us and our customers to expand operations in global markets and achieve success in further innovation opportunities.

The major opportunities for growth are in continuing to provide a high level of quality and service to customers. customers want to do business with a CMO that is very reliable and takes a long-term approach to ensure supply continuity.

The key is to provide high quality and real value at a competitive cost. Expectations among customers are growing every day and meeting them is a challenge.

The market players are concerned about delivery on time with accepted quality levels more than low-cost prices.

Globalization process has had an impact on contract services industry, and as a result, there is greater competition for pharmaceutical companies and their contract manufacturers to perform.

In the current CMO environment, there is a demand for contract manufacturers to be as turnkey as possible when supplying to pharmaceutical brand owners.

CMOs are now competing, not merely on how well they produce product but on the overall capabilities in managing the entire supply chain process from technology transfer to finished, packaged, released and market-ready product.

The role of the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing, collaborative development approaches combining joint contribution, and even joint investment in launching new products in the market.

At AlbyPharma we believe by bringing together the best expertise in development, formulation and analytical methods with the best of innovative advanced drug delivery technologies, more and more molecules will have an impact on the market.

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